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«April 2019»

Current Programmes

Advanced Academia Programme


Through this independent fellowship programme CAS ensures possibilities for conducting independent research in an international, interdisciplinary environment, without restrictions in the selected areas of study - an approach intended to stimulate excellent scholarship at the highest international level.

Gerda Henkel Fellowships


Gerda-Henkel Fellowships (2016-2020) are aimed at scholars in the field of the Humanities and Social Sciences that come from Afghanistan, Belarus, China (only Tibet and Xinjiang Autonomous Regions), Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Mongolia, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan.. There are no thematic restrictions as regards the proposed project topics.

"How to Teach Europe" Fellowship Programme


The programme targets academics – highly qualified young and established university professors – from (South) Eastern Europe in the social sciences and the humanities to dedicate themselves to research work oriented toward a specific goal: to lend the state-of-the-art theories and methodologies in the humanities and social sciences a pan-European and/or global dimension and to apply these findings in higher education.

Research Network Dedicated to the History of the Monastic Economy


The NETWORK of scholars from South-Eastern (SEE) and Western Europe (WE) is devoted to the history of the monastic economy in a comparative perspective and to the assessment of its relevance in the longue durée.

Current Fellows

In 2019/2020 CAS hosts 11 research fellows from 7 countries in the framework of Advanced Academia programme and the Gerda Henkel Fellowships. Another group of 6 scholars are involved in the How to Teach Europe in the XXI Century programme and 1 researcher in a new fellowship project, targeting artists from various disciplinary backgrounds.

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Roumen Avramov's book available for download

The Economy of the "Revival Process" is available in electronic version on the CAS web-page (In Bulgarian).

New CAS Fellowship Programme for Bulgarian Scholars

In 2019 the Centre for Advanced Study Sofia launches a new fellowship programme for young (post-doc and early career) Bulgarian scholars and Bulgarian academic diaspora.

Advanced Academia Public Lectures 2019

CAS Public Lecture Series will be held every Wednesday (between 13 March and 24 April 2019) at 18:00h at the American Corner of Sofia City Library on 4, Slaveykov Square. You are cordially welcome.

Fellow Seminar

Prof. Elissaveta Moussakova will present her research proposal on the topic: "Scribes, Letters and Ornaments in Bulgarian Medieval Manuscripts of the Apostolos: On Case Studies of Thirteenth and Fourteenth Century" on 4 April 2019 (Thursday) at 16:30h.

Advanced Academia Public Lecture

Dr Neda Deneva will deliver a lecture on the topic: “Return Migration of Health Professionals and the Transformation of Medical Practice in the Field of Maternal and Child Health in Bulgaria” on 11 Apr 2019 (Thursday), 18:00h (Venue: CAS Sofia)

Advanced Academia Public Lecture

Dr Nikola Venkov will deliver a lecture on the topic: “Conflict and Conviviality at the Women’s Market” on 17 April 2019 (Thursday), 18:00h at the American Center of Sofia City Library, 4A Slaveykov Sq.

Fellow Seminar

Dr Shaban Darakchi will present his research proposal on the topic: "Emergence and Development of LGBTQ Activism and the Anti-LGBTQ Movements in Post-Soviet Bulgaria" on 18 April 2019 (Thursday) at 16:30h at CAS conference hall.

Advanced Academia Public Lecture

Dr Katerina Kokinova will deliver a lecture on the topic: “Vladimir Nabokov and His Politics of (Un)Reading” on 24 April 2019 (Thursday), 18:00h at the American Center of Sofia City Library, 4A Slaveykov Sq.


Scholarly Network dedicated to the History of the Monastic Economy
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