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Avishek Ray

Avishek Ray National Institute of Technology
The Vicissitude of Orientalism: On the Myth(ification) of the Indian Origin of the Romani
Advanced Academia Programme

Avishek Ray teaches at the National Institute of Technology Silchar (India). He has earned his PhD in Cultural Studies from Trent University, Canada. He has worked on, broadly speaking, the intellectual history of the category 'vagabond' and its philosophical and political implications in the context of South Asia. He has edited a Bangla anthology on Religion & Popular Culture, and published in reputed journals like Inter-Asia Cultural Studies (Routledge), Canadian Journal of Comparative Literature, Journal of Human Values (SAGE), among others. He has held research fellowships at Indian Institute of Management Calcutta (India), University of Edinburgh (UK), Purdue University Library (USA) and Pavia University (Italy).

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