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«February 2018»

Jan Zofka

Jan Zofka University of Leipzig
A Transnational History of Socialist Industrialisation – the Bulgarian “Economic Leap” (1956/58-1960)
Advanced Academia Programme

Jan Zofka is a historian who currently works as a researcher at the Leipzig Centre for the History and Culture of East Central Europe (GWZO) on a project on (economic) relations and interactions of COMECON-States with China’s People’s Republic. He holds a PhD from Leipzig University for a dissertation about late- and post-Soviet separatist movements in Crimea and Transnistria (Moldova) with a special focus on the social background of the protagonists. From 2010 to 2014 he held a position as researcher at the Global and European Studies Institute of Leipzig University. He studied History, Political Sciences and Eastern European Studies in Leipzig and at St. Petersburg State University. His main research interests are post-89 civil wars and nationalism, social history of the Soviet Union and transnational history of 20th century state socialism.

Forthcoming and recent publications:

  • A Factory Director’s Statelet. Soviet Industrial Relations, Transformation and the Foundation of the Dniester Republic, Europe-Asia-Studies (Forthcoming).
  • Postsowjetischer Separatismus. Die pro-russländischen Bewegungen im moldauischen Dnjestr-Tal und auf der Krim (1989-1995), Wallstein-Verlag: Göttingen, 2015.
  • Politische Unternehmer. Fabrikdirektoren als Akteure postsozialistischer Bürgerkriege, in: Adam Skordos; Dietmar Müller: "Leipziger Zugänge zur rechtlichen, politischen und kulturellen Verflechtungsgeschichte Ostmitteleuropas", Leipzig 2015, pp. 313-331.
  • Das "Frauenstreikkomitee" des postsowjetischen Separatismus im moldauischen Dnjestr-Tal, in: "Jahrbuch für Historische Kommunismusforschung", Berlin 2015, pp. 123-136.
  • Kik voltak a szeparatisták? A krími és a dnyeszter-völgyi oroszbarát mozgalmak összehasonlítása (1989-1995) [Who were the separatists? A Comparison of pro-Russian Movements in Crimea and the Dniester Valley (1989-1995)]. In: Kovács, Bálint, Hakob Matevosyan (Hrsg.): "Politikai krízisek Európa peremén. A Kaukázustól a Brit-szigetekig" [Political Crises on the Outskirts of Europe: From the Caucasus to the British Isles], Budapest 2014, pp. 309-326.
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