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«August 2019»

Matthias Duller

Matthias Duller Department of Sociology, University of Graz
Tradition and Dissidence in East European Social Science: A Study in Oral History
Advanced Academia Programme

Matthias Duller studied sociology and Southeast European history in Graz, Cluj-Napoca, and Zadar and obtained his PhD in sociology from the University of Graz in 2017 with a thesis titled Historical Sociology of the Social Sciences in Cold War Europe: Cases and comparisons in East and West. Currently, he works as a postdoc research associate and lecturer in the Department of Sociology at the University of Graz. His research has focused on the history and sociology of the social sciences in 20th century Europe spanning and comparing different disciplines and countries. Further research interests are in comparative-historical sociology, sociological theory and set-theoretic methods.

He is the co-editor of a book comparing the historical developments of seven disciplines from the social sciences and humanities in seven countries since 1945 (Palgrave Macmillan, forthcoming). He has recently published journal articles on ”Scholars as European public intellectuals” (European Societies, 2017, with P. Korom, R. Schögler and C. Fleck) and on the “Internationalization of Cold War systems analysis” (History of the Human Sciences, 2016), as well as book chapters on sociology in Continental Europe (Cambridge Handbook of Sociology, 2017, with C. Fleck), the use of Qualitative Comparative Analysis in the historiography of sociology (Springer 2016, with E. Stolz, in German) and on sociology in socialist Yugoslavia (CEU Press, forthcoming).

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