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Nikola Venkov

Nikola Venkov No permanent affiliation
Conviviality or politics of urban coexistence? A study on exclusion and solidarity at a site of diversity in the East-European city
Advanced Academia Programme

Nikola A. Venkov has a PhD in Sociology from the University of Sofia (2017) and a PhD in Mathematics from the University of Nottingham (2009). His interests are in the field of urban anthropology, studying power and marginalisation in urban space. His theoretical pursuits are in achieving a cross-over between Laclau and Mouffe's postfoundational discourse analysis and Bourdieu's theory of fields.

In "The citizens and the marketplace. Discourses of an urban conflict" (2012), "Conspiracy narratives at the Women's Market" (2016) and a number of other articles and reports I look at the micro-mechanics of urban development projects as political action. My work on the topic also spills into engaged anthropology, activism and an artistic project. Currently, I also do long-term fieldwork in Stolipinovo, a large segregated Turkish & Roma neighbourhood in Plovdiv.

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