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09 November 2018
CAS International Workshop: Monastic Economy

Second Workshop on Monastic Economy and Public Lecture by Prof. Elias Kolovos (History and Archaeology of the University of Crete)

25 October 2018
Fellow Seminar

Dr. Anastasia Cholakova will present her research proposal on the topic: "Technology in Context. Integrated Perspectives on Centralized Metal Production in Late Antiquity" on 25 October 2018 (Thursday) at 16:30h.

12 July 2018
Fellow Seminar

Dr. Katherina Kokinova will present her research proposal on the topic: "Politics of(Un)Reading" on 12 July 2018 (Thursday) at 16:30h.

05 July 2018
Fellow Seminar

Dr. Theodora Dragostinova will present her research proposal on the topic: "The Cold War from the Margins: Bulgarian Culture and the Global 1970" on 5 July 2018 (Thursday) at 16:30h.

29 June 2018
CAS Discussion Series: “Policies of the Rule of Law”

The sixth seminar of the CAS Discussion Series "Policies of the Rule of Law" will take place on 29 June 2018 (Friday) at 16:00h at CAS conference hall. Prof. Ekaterina Mihaylova will give a talk on "Rule of Law and Bulgarian Constitutional Policy".

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