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28 June 2018
Fellow Seminar

Dr. Alexander Panayotov will present his research proposal on the topic: "Jews and Samaritans in Early Byzantium" on 28 June 2018 (Thursday) at 16:30h.

21 June 2018
Fellow Seminar

Thomas Kneubuhler will talk on: "The Artist as a Researcher" on 21 June 2018 (Thursday) at 16:30h.

20 June 2018
CAS Discussion Series: “Policies of the Rule of Law”

The fifth seminar of the CAS Discussion Series "Policies of the Rule of Law" will take place on 20 June 2018 at 17:00h at CAS conference hall. Dr. Mykola Riabchuk will give a talk on "Playing with the Rules. Democracy and Rule of Law in Ukraine".

14 June 2018
Fellow Seminar

Dr. Mathias Duller will present his research proposal on the topic: "Tradition and Dissidence in East European Social Science: A Study in Oral History" on 14 June 2018 (Thursday) at 16:30h.

07 June 2018
Fellow Seminar

Dr. Wiktor Marzec will talk on: "Historical Sociology of Revolution and Welfare and Historical Semantics of Parliamentary Debates. Worker and Work as Keywords in Times of International Class War (First Polish Diet 1919-1922)".

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