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Advanced Academia Public Lectures 2019

06 March 2019

CAS Public Lecture Series will be held every Wednesday (between 13 March and 24 April 2019) at 18:00h at the American Corner of Sofia City Library on 4, Slaveykov Square. You are cordially welcome.


13 March 2019 - Assoc Prof. Dr. Stefan Dechev:
"Nikolai Genchev (1931-2000) - Between Nationalism and Liberalism, Between Power and Dissidence, Pseudoscience and Science"

20 March 2019 - Dr. Alexander Panayotov:
"Jews and Samaritans in Early Byzantium"

27 March 2019 - Dr. Anastasia Cholakova:
"Economy and Technology of Late Antiquity: A View from Serdica"

3 April 2019 - Dr. Krassimir Terziev:
"Image De-formations in Computational Photography"

11 April 2019 - Dr. Neda Deneva:
"Return Migration of Health Professionals and the Transformation of Medical Practice in the Field of Maternal and Child Health in Bulgaria" (Venue: CAS Sofia)

17 April 2019 - Dr. Nikola Venkov:
"Conviviality or Politics of Urban Coexistence? A Study on Exclusion and Solidarity at a Site of Diversity in the East-European City"

24 April 2019 - Dr. Katerina Kokinova
"Vladimir Nabokov and His Politics of (Un)Reading"

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