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CAS Discussion Series: "Consolidation/ Dеsintegration of Public Institutions and the Political Process"

20 May 2009

CAS Discussion Series: "Consolidation/ Desintegration of Public Institutions and the Political Process" is a permanent ongoing seminar in the framework of the Shaken Order programme and is organized each month. The moderator of this month's discussion will be Dr. Atanas Slavov , CAS research fellow under the Shaken Order Project.

The topic of the presentation is "The socio-historical opportunity for liberalism in Bulgaria" and the debate will focus on the following

- The socio-historical preconditions for emergence of liberalism as a political philosophy and a functioning political model
- The Bulgarian liberalisms in the historical and modern context; is the liberal political model feasible for Bulgaria?
- Ideological trends within the liberal political thought 

The discussion will take place on the 20th May from 17:30 hrs at CAS (70 Neofit Rilski Str., 3rd floor).

If you are interested to attend this event, please call the office for more details. 

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