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David Kushner (University of Haifa, Middle Eastern History Dept.) - seminar under the CAS guest-lecture series

14 May 2008

The Centre for Advanced Study Sofia

has the pleasure to announce a public lecture on

Turkish Nationalism - A Historical and Contemporary Overview

by Prof. David Kushner.

The lecture which will be delivered on May 14, 2008, 17 at the Centre for Advanced Study Sofia, 3rd floor.

The lecture will dwell on two aspects of Turkish nationalism – the 'territorial' and the 'communal'. The first grew out of the Ottomanist doctrine adopted in the 19th century by Ottoman statesmen, while the other had its roots in ideas developed by the early 'Turkists' toward the end of the Ottoman period. In the Turkish Republic both aspects played their role in formulating Turkish identity and they coexist down to our own day. In recent years they were even reinforced by events – the upsurge of a minority problem in Turkey and the new relations established with Turkish communities outside the state's borders.     

David Kushner holds a Ph.D. on Islamic Studies at the University of California at Los Angeles and is currently Professor of History at University of Haifa. Main research interests: Turkish intellectual and political trends, Ottoman ulema, and Ottoman rule in Palestine. Among the publications of the lecturer are The Rise of Turkish Nationalism 1876-1908, London 1977; To Be Governor of Jerusalem: The City and District During the Time of Ali Ekrem Bey 1906-1908, Istanbul 2005; He is also editor of Palestine in the Late Ottoman Period: Political, Social and Economic Transformation, Jerusalem and Leiden 1986.


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