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Thomas Metzger (University of Fribourg) - lecture under the CAS guest-lecture series:

12 May 2008


The Centre for Advanced Study Sofia

has the pleasure to announce a lecture on

Structures of Antisemitism and the Example of Switzerland

by Thomas Metzger.

The lecture will be delivered on May 12, 2008, 13 h at the Sofia University, Sociology Dept. - 125 Tzarigradsko Shosse Blvd., bld. 4 (4 km), 407 auditorium.

Religiously motivated Christian antijudaism goes back to the process of differentiation of Christianity from Judaism in the first centuries A.D. In modern time, new forms of antisemitism evolved that no longer used religious but socio-economical, socio-cultural, nationalist or racist argumentations. The presentation asks for common structures and mechanisms of these different types of antisemitic discourses. To exemplify the theoretical considerations, there will be a focus on the antisemitic tendencies in Switzerland in the period of 1918-1945 that for instance can be detected in the Swiss policy towards Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe or in the so called "spiritual defense" conception in the 1930ers, propagated against political, ideological, cultural influences labeled as "foreign".

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