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"Tolstoy-North Hypothesis" Working Meeting

05 February 2010

The international "Tolstoy-North Hypothesis" workshop, convened by Dr Georgi Ganev, Academic Associate of CAS, gathers a panel of Bulgarian and international researchers to discuss from a novel perspective the different paths of institutional development of a number European societies that are considered to have failed in achieving modern economic development. The focus is on the Balkan societies  and on the institutional legacy (particularly in terms of economic, social  and political institutions and organizations) of the Roman/Byzantine, Ottoman empires and the Soviet Union; on the way this legacy has been internalized by the Balkan societies in their economic culture, ways of thinking and interacting; and on the way and extent to which this institutional legacy helps explain developmental failures in the region.

The one-day workshop will take place on 13 February 2010 at the Cenre for Advanced Study Sofia. It is supported by the Austrian Science and Research Liason Office in Sofia. Attendance is by invitation. 

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