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Избрани стипендианти за академичната 2022 – 2023 година

After the final session of the CAS Academic Advisory Council on the 17th of June and series of interviews conducted next week on the 23rd June CAS granted its fellowships for 2022/2023 to the following scholars:

Advanced Academia Fellowships for International Scholars

  • Brusadelli, Federico (University of Naples L’Orientale, Italy): Translating the Polis: Intellectuals in Republican China and the Reception of Ancient Greek Political Concepts, 1911-1929;
  • Drăgușin, Nicolae („Elie Wiesel“ National Institute for the Study of the Holocaust, Romania): Romania and the Concordat with the Holy See: Churches, Nation-Building and Legal Controversies (1921-1948);
  • Grasso, Marco (Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca, Italy): Deep Seabed Governance in the Public Interest;
  • Kim, Daehwan (Konkuk University, South Korea): Cross-Country Differences in the Wealth-Income Ratio;
  • Martínez, Miguel-A (Uppsala University, Spain): Political Outcomes of Housing Financialisation and Social Contention in Spain;
  • Wojnowski, Zbigniew (Independent scholar, Poland): Pop Music in the USSR: Show Business and the Advent of Capitalism.

Gerda-Henkel Fellowships

  • Nakhutsrishvili, Luka (Ilia State University Tbilisi, Georgia): The Theatre-caravanserai of Tbilisi. Reassembling a Civilizing Heterotopia from the Russian Caucasus, 1845-1876;
  • Ryabchuk, Anastasiya (Independent scholar, Ukraine): International Development and Vulnerability in the Frontline Communities of the Donbas.

Independent Fellowships for Bulgarian Academic Diaspora

  • Dimova-Cookson, Maria (Durham University, Political Studies): Rethinking Meritocracy: Freedom, Wellbeing and the Common Good;
  • Simeonov, Simeon (Brown University, History): Transnationals: Consuls and the Making of the Modern Balkans (1787-1908).

Independent Fellowships for Bulgarian Junior Scholars

  • Dobrev, Petar (Sofia University, History): The Fight against the Kulaks in Bulgaria – the Fate of the Large Landowners in Dobrudja after 1944;
  • Eneva, Stoyanka (Independent scholar): The cases of Bulgarian female care workers in Greece and Spain;
  • Karakusheva, Slavka (Independent scholar): Population Politics and Nation Building: Migrations of Turkish and Muslim Populations from Bulgaria to Turkey (1925–1939);
  • Paskaleva, Bogdana (Sofia University, Literary Theory): Pre-structuralist Semiology: Materiality of Language in Ferdinand de Saussure;
  • Valkov, Martin (Sofia University, History): Beyond Totalitarianism: Mass Internment, Concentration Camps and Forced Labor in Bulgaria in the 20th Century.