Избрани стипендианти на ЦАИ за академичната година 2023-2024

След финалното обсъждане на Академичния съвет на ЦАИ на 24 юли 2023 г. и след поредица интервюта ЦАИ избира следните учени за стипендиите си за 2023/2024 г.

Advanced Academia and Relevance of the Humanities Fellowships for International Scholars

  • Ho, Wai-Yip (Joint Centre of Advanced Research, University of Gōttingen / China): Confucian Muslim and Christian Relations in the Imperial China;
  • Kwon, June Hee (California State University, Cultural Anthropology / South Korea): The Social History of Fruit Farming in Cheju Korea;
  • Meeusen, Michiel (KU Leuven / Belgium): Medical Culture and Learned Society in the High Roman Empire: Knowing the Body, Curing the Mind
  • Năstăsoiu, Dragos Gh. (Independent scholar / Romania): Constructing Gender on Pilgrimage: Transformative Experiences of Women from the Eastern and Western Christian Societies in the Crusader Holy Land (1099-1291);
  • Puolakka, Kalle (University of Helsinki / Finland): Growth and Trust in the Experience of Literature. A Philosophical Defence of Literary Reading;
  • Trajanovski, Naum (Institute of Sociology, University of Warsaw / North Macedonia): The Bulgarian Political and Societal Responses to the 1963 Skopje Earthquake;
  • Smith, Blake (Independent scholar / USA): Roland Barthes and Julia Kristeva’s Personal Turn, 1975-1983.

Gerda Henkel Fellowships

  • Badem, Candan (University of Oxford, Oxford Nizami Ganjavi Centre / Turkey): The Russo-Ottoman War of 1828-29 and its Impact on the Balkans and the Caucasus;
  • Maslovskiy, Mikhail (Sociological Institute of the Federal Center of Theoretical and Applied Sociology of the Russian Academy of Sciences / Russia): Historical Sociology, International Relations and Russian Civilizational Politics;
  • Marozau, Siarhei (Independent scholar / Belarus): The Great Duchy of Lithuania (mid-13th – 18th century) in the modern Belarusian memory politics (2015–2023).

Independent Fellowships for Bulgarian Academic Diaspora

  • Ivanova, Veneta (Panteion University of Social & Political Sciences / Greece): The Unmaking of the Intellectual: A Social and Cultural History of Postsocialism in Bulgaria.
  • Milkova, Liliana (Yale University Art Gallery / USA): Museums and Higher Learning: Collection-based Teaching for the 21st-century University.

Independent Fellowships for Bulgarian Junior Scholars

  • Angelova-Elchinova, Madlaine (Sofia University, History of Philosophy Department): A Novel Defense of Thomas Reid`s Direct Realism about Perception;
  • Hristova, Tsvetelina (Independent scholar): Radical Alterities in the Global Histories of Automation;
  • Parvanov, Petar (National Archaeological Institute with Museum, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences): Battlefield Archaeology of the Ottoman Conquest: Landscape, Heritage, Memory;
  • Petrov, Victor (University of Tennessee): Star Citizens: Alternative Knowledge, Science, and the Search for Meaning in Post-Socialist Bulgaria;
  • Strahilov, Ivo (Sofia University, Department of History and Theory of Culture): Heritage Hierarchies: Unpacking the ‘Crossroads of Civilisations’ Concept.

Pforzheimer Fellowships for Bulgarian Senior Scholars

  • Metodiev, Momchil (History Department, New Bulgarian University): The Orthodox Church: A Driver of Modernization. Bulgarian Church in an European setting between the Two World Wars?
  • Panayotov, Strahil (Institute for Historical Studies, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences): Comparative and Interdisciplinary Analyses of Medical Texts Concerning Coughing of Phlegm: from the second Millennium BCE Mesopotamia, over Ashurbanipal to Hippocrates.