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Advanced Academia Platform 2020-2021

CAS WORKING PAPER SERIES, Issue: 12/2022 (available on CEEOL): Anastasia Felcher, Alexander Pushkin as Foreign Heritage: Transformation and Cultural Disintegration in Post-Soviet Societies; Irina Gordeeva, Tolstoyans and the European Pacifist Movement in the 1920-1930s: Тhe Early History of European Transnational Solidarity; Nilay Kılınç, Searching for “Alternative Diaspora Spaces”: Highly-Skilled Turkish Migrants’ Social and Professional Life...

Advanced Academia Programme 2018-2019

CAS WORKING PAPER SERIES, Issue: 11/2019 (available on CEEOL): Kateryna Dysa, The Problem of Adultery and Men’s Honor in Ukrainian Town Courts in the Eighteenth Century Iva Manova, The Creation of Philosophical Nations under the Soviet Regime: “Restoring the Historical Truth” about the Peoples of Asia in Philosophy Martin Ossikovski, Freedom of Speech and its Christian...

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Advanced Academia Programme 2016-2017

CAS WORKING PAPER SERIES, Issue: 9/2017 (available on CEEOL) Hili Razinsky – Unity in Plurality: The Case of Emotional Ambivalence ; Veronika Dimitrova – The “Homeless” and Co-operative Development: Economic Aspects of the Housing Policies in Sofia in the Interwar Period ; Irina Genova – The Bulgarian Perspective on Art from beyond the Iron Curtain...

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Advanced Academia Programme 2015-2016

CAS WORKING PAPER SERIES, Issue: 8/2017 (available on CEEOL) Teodora Karamelska – “Mind, Body, and Spirit ” Grigor Boykov – Building a Capital City in the Balkans Ştefania Costache – To Subordinate or to Assist? French Experts and Early Approaches to International Investment in the Ottoman Empire (1856–1867) Elka Dimitrova – The Marginal Intellectual Dimitrios...

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Advanced Academia Programme 2014-2015

CAS WORKING PAPER SERIES, Issue: 7/2017 (available on CEEOL) Adriana Placani – Posing Risk: A Case for Criminalization Anna Krasteva – Bordering the Balkans: Concepts and imaginaries Atanas Slavov – Between Endorsement and Ambivalence: Democracy and Eastern Orthodoxy in post-communist South East Europe Bogdan C. Iacob – From Periphery to Cardinal Borderland: The Balkans in...

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Advanced Academia Programme 2012-2014

Benedikt Eckhardt – Graeco-Roman Voluntary Associations, Systems Theory and Societal Evolution. Preliminary Perspectives Bilyana Kourtasheva – Totalitarian (Quasi-)Translatability: The Case of Bulgaria in the 1970s and 80s (Institutions, Mechanisms, Consequences) Darin Tenev – Possibility and Negativity Dmitry Biriukov – The Beginning of the Debate on the Universals in Byzantine Philosophy and Its Historical and Philosophical...

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Програма ”Advanced Academia” 2009-2012

Barova, Vihra – Social Stratification and Youth Subcultures after 1989 (from dissidents to workers) Detcheva, Violeta – Redirecting National Identification by the Communist Regime in Bulgaria 1944–1950 Evstatiev, Simeon – The Qāḍīzādeli Movement and the Spread of Islamic Revivalism in the Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century Ottoman Empire: Preliminary Notes Lutskanov, Rosen – The Significant Other. The...

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