Центърът за академични изследвания София (ЦАИ) е независима институция с нестопанска цел, създадена за популяризиране на съвременни академични стипендии и сътрудничество в областта на хуманитарните и социални науки. Прочети повече »

Jews and Samaritans in Early Byzantium

The proposed interdisciplinary research project aims to investigate the social and economic relations that influenced the structure of the communal life of Jews and Samaritans in the Byzantine empire. It will recover a neglected area of history, and contribute to the study of minorities within larger political structures. I aim to establish the place Jews and Samaritans occupied in the stratigraphy of Byzantine society and how the social and political changes in this society influenced their communal life. The scope of the project is defined temporally and spatially. It is proposed to begin in the fourth century and end in the eighth century. This will allow the inclusion of the widest possible selection of epigraphical, literary and archaeological sources. Geographically, the project will include the areas of the Balkans, the Aegean and Asia Minor. The proposed end-date of my project takes into account the limitation of evidence for Jews and Samaritans in the areas already mentioned for the period of the ninth century until the eleventh century. The geographical scope has been defined by the evidence from the areas concerned, which is less studied and requires a new investigation and analysis.

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