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Стипендиантски семинар: Бъдещият град – изкуство, утопична архитектура и критично мислене

22 февруари @ 16:30 - 18:30

Kim Holleman (Landis & Gyr Artistic Fellow Oct ‘23 – Feb ‘24)

Future City: Art, Utopian Architecture, and Critical Research

on 22 February 2024 (Thursday), at 16:30 h.

Moderated by Liliana Milkova.

Abstract: “Future City: Art, Utopian Architecture, and Critical Research” encapsulates an artistic project that delves into the realms of art, architecture, and urban development. This multidisciplinary endeavor seeks to reimagine our urban spaces with an imaginative blend of creativity and critical inquiry, ultimately envisioning a more sustainable and harmonious urban future.

The term “utopian architecture” invites us to dream beyond the confines of practicality and imagine what our cities could be in an ideal world. This project delves into utopian architectural concepts, where buildings are not just functional but also serve as expressions of ecological harmony, innovation, and human well-being. It rethinks architectural design to prioritize sustainability, green spaces, and coexistence with nature.

This project is firmly grounded in critical research and intellectual inquiry. It involves rigorous investigation into the cultural, and environmental contexts of urban spaces. Through critical research, it aims to uncover the challenges and opportunities that shape our cities. By delving deep into the past and present, it informs the artistic creations with an understanding of the complex forces at play in urban development. The project delves into Sofia’s urban fabric, reimagining its iconic landmarks and urban spaces as potential canvases for utopian architecture.

Together, these elements converge to create a holistic exploration of “Future City.” It challenges us to think beyond the present and consider the possibilities that lie ahead. It prompts us to ask critical questions about the role of art and architecture in shaping our urban environments, particularly in the context of pressing environmental concerns.


22 февруари
16:30 - 18:30


Център за академични изследвания София


Център за академични изследвания София
ул. Стефан Караджа 7В, вх. 3, ет. 2, ап. 23
София,‎ ‎1000‎ ‎Bulgaria
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