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«January 2020»

Balkan "queer wars": Emergence and development of LGBTQ activism and the anti-LGBTQ movements in post-Soviet Bulgaria

This pioneering study will explore the emergence and development of LGBTQ activism in Bulgaria, making a crucial contribution to existing literature on the topic of social movements. More specifically, it will contribute to the understanding of the LGBTQ activism and the so called „anti LGBTQ movements” in a post-socialist Bulgarian context, investigating the emergence and collision of these forms of social collective actions, having in mind the a) socialist past in Bulgaria, (b) the enlargement of EU in 2007, and (c) global processes, the Internet and social media. Furthermore, challenging the Western concept of LGBTQ activism and identity politics, another main goal of this project will be to investigate to what extent the notion of “LGBTQ activism” is relevant in a Bulgarian context and what the similarities and differences are of the emerging activism to wider Eastern European and global context.

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