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«February 2020»

Constitutional Semiotics. Theory of Imaginative, Visual and Emotional Discourses in Constitutional Law

The project aims at writing a book entitled “Constitutional Semiotics. Theory of Imaginative, Visual and Emotional Discourses in Constitutional Law”. The book will be published with “Hart” publishing, Oxford, UK. The book proposal has underwent two blind peer reviews which were very positive and have led to the conclusion of a publishing agreement.

Main assumption of the project and the book is that the constitution is not merely legal act but is also intellectual product and cultural artefact. The constitution contains normative ideologies and ideas, mythologies, codes and geometric imaginative and ordering forms which stem out of collective constitutional imagination and are result of durable and long-lasting process of evolving constitutional civilization. Consequently, constitutional theory must necessarily address also the performance of the constitution as product of collective imagination and as codification of collective imaginaries.

The project and the book focus on the imaginative and visual discourse of constitutionalism which is built upon such collective constitutional imaginaries and on the peculiar normativity of constitutional geometry and constitutional mythology as borderline phenomena entrenched in both rational and emotional constitutionalism. The book shall demonstrate that the constitution contains symbolic codes. In parallel to its institutional and normative structure it is shaped also through the forms of constitutional geometry. Moreover, the constitution is the legal framework and the ultimate source of collective mythologies, some of which possess visual aspect and may be imagined, ordered and analyzed through the lenses of constitutional geometry. All these findings, related to the imaginative and visual discourse of constitutional law, trigger legitimate recourse to semiotic approach to constitutionalism which is the main object of study of the research project and the book I am proposing.

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