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CAS Fellowships Calls for 2021/2022 have expired on 31 March

The new selection round and CAS Fellowship Calls for the next academic year 2022 / 2023 will be announced in Autumn 2021.

The CAS programmes which offer fellowships to scholars from all over the world are available below:

DigiHum fellowship program, proposed jointly by the Centre for Advanced Study Sofia and the New Europe College Bucharest and developed with the financial support of the Porticus Foundation, aims to underscore the cognitive functions of the humanities and their potential as critical disciplines by opening them up to issues relevant in/for the contemporary digital world – issues that are “practical”, but also epistemological, ethical, philosophical, etc. The program is intended to accommodate a broadest range of themes pertaining to humanities and social science disciplines provided that they link up to contemporary debates about or major challenges to the human condition stemming from the technological advances and ‘digital modernity’.

The programme is financed by the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science and provides support for young Bulgarian scientists and researchers from the Bulgarian diaspora. It envisages: a) 5 nine-month scholarships per year for young Bulgarian scholars (including one month in a foreign institution); b) 2 three-month scholarships per year for representatives of the Bulgarian academic diaspora working in foreign academic institutions.

The programme, supported by a donation of the American philanthropist and bibliophile Carl H. Pforzheimer III, provides for three 5-month scholarships per year to outstanding Bulgarian researchers and university professors.

Gerda-Henkel Fellowships (2016-2022) are aimed at scholars in the field of the historical Humanities and Social Sciences that come from the former Soviet space and Turkey. There are no thematic restrictions as regards the proposed project topics.