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International Workshop on "Emerging Party Systems and the European Context"

11 September 2008

On September 12 there will be an open session of a workshop on Emerging Party Systems and the European Context. This will be one of a series of meetings held by a Research Network organised under the auspices of the British Academy which has been active since 2003 and is concerned with The Impact of European Union Enlargement on Central European Party Systems and Electoral Alignments. Core members are Paul Lewis (UK, convenor), Radoslaw Markowski (Poland), Zsolt Enyedi (Hungary), Zdenka Mansfeldova (Czech Republic) and Alenka Krasovec (Slovenia), although other scholars have also attended the various meetings of the Network which have been held in Prague, Ljubljana, Wierzba (Poland), Budapest and the European University Institute (Florence). Members of the Network have produced numerous books and articles on different aspects of Central European party development and the evolution of party systems, and collaborated on a joint work on The European Union and Party Politics in Central and Eastern Europe, published in 2006 by Palgrave Macmillan. The Sofia workshop will also be concerned with plans for a comparative volume on Emerging Party Systems and the European context on the basis of the ten papers due to be presented there. These should be grouped in three sessions concerned with (1) Issues of Party System Institutionalisation, (2) Participation and Legitimacy, and (3) EU Influence and Comparative Issues.

You can see the programme here.


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