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Gallery: “Social Relevance of the Humanities” in Sofia

The Relevance of the Humanities Fellowship scheme envisages the convening of an annual conference, where CAS and NEC RevHum fellows are brought together and present their work to a broader audience. The idea behind this event is to raise interest in the way humanities relate to contemporary challenges and awareness of the repercussions of this relationship for the human condition. CAS Sofia and NEC Bucharest invited the whole group of their RevHum fellows to join the first round table convened in Sofia, Bulgaria on the 4th of July, 2022. The one day event challenged current Rev-Hum fellows (both from CAS and NEC) to present their ongoing individual research in concise and straightforward manner, touching on its broader social value:

  • Is it possible to revisit your scientific agenda in terms of public good?
  • What are the public merits of a focused, narrowly targeting empirical/theoretical research?
  • How does it teach us to deal with the “outside” world?
  • How does academic excellence contribute to society?
  • Is it possible to influence the political debate? Is it worth it?
  • Is the gap between the on-demand society and academic expertise insurmountable?
  • How can academic research results be communicated in a social-media and digital society?

Few snapshots from the lively discussions: