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Madelaine Angelova-Elchinova


Madelaine Angelova-Elchinova ( is an Assistant Professor at Sofia University`s Department of Philosophy (2021). Since 2023, she is also the President of the Bulgarian Society for Analytic Philosophy (BSAP). Since 2023, she is the Technical Editor of Balkan Journal of Philosophy and she serves on the Editorial Board of the Department of Philosophy`s Yearbook. She has a PhD from Sofia University on „Theory of Knowledge in XX Bulgarian Philosophy“ (2020). Her research interests are in epistemology, philosophy of perception and metaphilosophy. She currently works on analysing the relations between perception and belief, hoping to build an argument favouring direct realism about perception and defending a novel account of naturalised beliefs.

Selected papers and books:

  • Ангелова-Елчинова, М. (2023). Отвътре навън. A priori обосноваване, интуиции и концептуално владеене. София: УИ „Св. Климент Охридски“. [Angelova-Elchinova, M. (2022). Inside Out. A priori Justification, Intuitions and Concept Mastery. Sofia: St. Kliment Ohridski University Press.]
  • Карагеоргиева, А., Ангелова-Елчинова, М., Нечев, К. (съст.) (2022). Увод в епистемологията. Антология. София: УИ “Св.Климент Охридски”. [Karageorgieva, A., Angelova-Elchinova, M., Nechev, K. (2022). Introduction to Epistemology. Antolhogy. Sofia: St. Kliment Ohridski University Press.]
  • Angelova-Elchinova, M. (2022). On Closing the Gap: Or How to Challenge your Students to Engage in Philosophizing?, Balkan Journal of Philosophy, 14 (1), pp. 53-58, ISSN (print):1313-888X.
  • Angelova, M. (2020). The meaning of truth. Arguments against deflationary theories of truth. In: Здравковић, С., Јовановић, И., Благојевић, Б. Eds. Наука и студенти. СТУДКОН 3. Niš: Filozofski fakultet Niš, pp.235-244.
  • Ангелова, М. (2020). Прецизиране на абдуктивните допускания и формулиране на критерии за изводимост. В: Пътища на познанието. Сборник от конференцията в чест на 60-годишнината на проф. Анета Карагеоргиева. София: УИ “Св. Климент Охридски”. [Angelova, M. (2020). Precising Abductive Reasoning and Formulating Rules of Inference. In: Paths of Knowledge. Proceedings from the Conference in Honor of Prof. Aneta Karageorgieva`s 60th Birthday. Sofia: St. Kliment Ohridski University Press, pp. 235-244]