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Angelina Georgieva


Angelina Georgieva got her MA degree in Theatre Studies at the Bulgarian Academy for Theatre and Film Arts and the Free University of Berlin. She completed her PhD degree in 2014 with a study on the “Transformations of the Dramatic Form. Theories and Practices in Contemporary German Playwriting After 1989”. Her research interests lie in the intersection of drama and play writing, new theories in theatre and drama and the history of contemporary dance and performance in Bulgaria.

Some of Angelina's most recent publications are:

  • Georgieva, A. “Dance dramaturgy and Varna Summer International Theatre Festival: places of innovation.” – In: Dramaturgical tendencies at Varna Summer International Theatre Festival. Conference papers, Varna 8 June 2017. (Comp. by Nikolova, K., Iordanov, N.), Sofia, 2017, p. 111-134. ;
  • Georgieva, A. “The Multiple Dimensions of the Bulgarian ACT: Independent Theatre Festival 2015.” – European Stages, Vol. 6, 2016. Martin E. Segal Theatre Center, NY.