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Călin Cotoi


Calin Cotoi has a medical degree from the Faculty of Medicine, Cluj-Napoca.  BA in sociology and PhD in philosophy. Alumnus of the Institute for Advanced Studies, Central European University; New Europe College; Wissenschaft Kolleg zu Berlin; Woodrow Wilson Center; Center for Advanced Studies Sofia, and Collegium Budapest. My research interests are in the areas of political anthropology, history of sciences, social history, environmental history, and ethnicity studies.

His most recent publications are:

  • “Cholera, Health for All, Nation Building, and Racial Degeneration in Nineteenth-Century Romania”, in East Central Europe, 43, 2016, pp. 161-187;
  • “The Making of a National Park: Ruins of Nature and History in Northern Dobrudja”, in East European Politics and Societies, in press.