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Delyan Rusev


Delyan Rusev is an assistant researcher at the Institute of Balkan Studies and Center of Thracology at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. He holds a BA degree in Southeast European Studies from the University of Sofia (2014), an MA degree in Turkology from the University of Hamburg (2016), and a PhD degree in History from the University of Sofia (2021). His studies include specializations at the University of Crete (Rethymno) and Bilgi University (Istanbul), and in 2018–19 he was a Fulbright visiting researcher at the University of Chicago. Delyan Rusev has participated in a number of scientific projects on both a national and international level and is preparing for publication his doctoral dissertation, which explores early Ottoman historical writing and its representations of medieval Bulgaria. He is particularly interested in the political and cultural aspects of the establishment of Ottoman rule in the Balkans and his recent research is dedicated to manifestations of interaction between Christian and Muslim historical culture and their significance for the reconstruction of premodern identities in the region.