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Galina Babak


Galina Babak received her PhD in Slavic literatures at Charles University (Prague, Czechia) in 2020, with her doctoral project titled “Reception of Russian Formalism in Ukrainian Culture in the Inter-war Period (1921–1939).” In 2020 – beginning of 2022, she was a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the New Europe College (Bucharest, Romania). Her research is mainly within the area of Intellectual History and History of Science with a focus on literary theory and comparative literatures, mainly Ukrainian and Russian. The research interest is directed towards the project of “Soviet modernization” of the 1920s – beginning of the 1930s in Ukraine, as well as towards political and cultural history of the 20th century.

Galina is an author of the monograph (in co-authorship with Alexander Dmitriev) The Atlantis of Soviet National Modernism: Formal Method in Ukraine in the 1920s – the beginning of the 1930s. (Novoe literaturnoe obozrenie, 2021). Her recent and forthcoming publications include: Ethical vs Ideological in the Literary Discussions in Soviet Ukraine in the 1920s // Historyka. Studia Metodologiczne. 2019. T. 49. Pp. 41–54; “The Avant-Garde and Its Roots: The Poetics of Mykola (Nik) Bazhan”. In: Quiet Spiders of the Hidden Soul: Mykola (Nik) Bazhan’s Early Experimental Poetry, eds. O. Rosenblum, L. Friedman, A. Khyzhnya (Boston: Academic Studies Press, 2020), 14–37; Roman Jakobson and the Development of the Formal Method in Ukraine in the 1920s // Harvard Ukrainian Studies. 2022. Vol. 39. № 3–4 (forthcoming); Ahapii Shamrai in search of synthetic theory of literature: 1920s // Slovo i Chas. 2022. № 2 (forthcoming).