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Martin Ivanov


Assoc. Prof. Martin Ivanov has a PhD degree in economic history and currently teaches at the Department of Sociology of the Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”. He also has MA degrees in history and law.

Selected List of Books:

  1. The Gross Domestic Product of Bulgaria, 1870–1945. Sofia: Ciela, 2012.
  2. The Networking Capitalism: Bulgarian Commercial Bank and its Dependent Companies, 1890–1914. Sofia: Gutenberg, 2010.
  3. Bulgarian Business Elites, 1912–1947, 1989–2005, Sofia: East-West, 2009. (co-authored with Georgi Ganev).
  4. Bulgarian Foreign Public Debt, 1878–1990, vol. 1–3, Sofia: Bulgarian National Bank, 2009. (co-authored with Daniel Vachkov and Cvetana Todorova)
  5. The Foreign Debt of Communist Bulgaria, 1944–1989. Sofia: Institute for the Studies of the Recent Past, 2007. (co-authored with Daniel Vachkov)
  6. Reformism without Reforms: The Political Economy of Bulgarian Communism 1944–1989. Sofia: Institute for the Studies of the Recent Past, 2007.
  7. The Political Games with Foreign Debt. Bulgarian Etudes of Economic Crisis and Progress. Sofia: Sofia University Publishing House, 2002.

Selected List of Articles:

  1. ‘Disciplining the ‘Black Sheep of the Balkans’: Financial Supervision and Sovereignty in Bulgaria, 1902-38’, Economic History Review, 64 (2011): 1, pp. 30–51. (With Adam Tooze).
  2. ‘Convergence or Decline on Europe’s Southeastern Periphery? Agriculture, Population and GNP in Bulgaria 1892–1945’, Journal of Economic History, 67 (2007): 3, pp. 672–704. (With Adam Tooze).
  3. ‘Understanding Social and Economic Developments in the Periphery: Bulgarian National Income, 1892–1924’, East-Central Europe, 34–35 (2007/2008), 1–2: 221–244.
  4. ‘Effective Exchange Rates in Bulgaria 1897–1939’, in Workshops Proceedings of OeNB Workshop. The Experience of Exchange Rate Regimes in Southeastern Europe in a Historical and Comparative Perspective. Second Conference of the South-Eastern European Monetary History Network, April 13, 2007. Austrian National Bank, Vienna: 2008, pp. 180–198 (with Kalina Dimitrova and Ralitsa Simeonova-Ganeva)
  5. ‘Bulgarian National Income between 1892 and 1924’, Bulgarian National Bank Discussion Papers, 54, 2006. [Published in Bulgarian as well]