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Naum Trajanovski

North Macedonia

Naum Trajanovski is a sociologist interested in cultural and historical sociology, the history of sociology in East Central and Southeast Europe, nationalism- and memory studies. In the past years, he primarily worked on memory institutionalization, memory politics, and radicalization in the Balkans. Naum has extensively researched the new history museums in North Macedonia, the cultural and communicative memories of the 1963 Skopje earthquake and the post-earthquake reconstruction, the Bulgarian-Macedonian dispute over history and memory, and the post-2001-conflict interethnic relations in the state. As part of the “Towards Illiberal Constitutionalism in East Central Europe” project at the UW, alongside Prof. Marta Bucholc, he examines the modes of historicizing the contemporary Polish rule of law crisis. This research builds upon his previous work on the cross-national sociological knowledge transfers during the Cold War’s 1960s.