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Olga Zaslavskaya


Olga Zaslavskaya is an independent researcher and has been a director of the cultural center (IACC/NAKKA, Budapest, Hungary) since 2007. She holds a PhD in cultural studies from St. Petersburg State University. At the Central European University she curated projects related to the history of uncensored press and informal culture in Eastern Europe during the period of socialism. Lately, she focused on the transnational history of the East European “lost generation” during the Great War and the interwar period and works on a book tentatively titled “Between the Reds and the Whites: Transnational History of the East European Lost Generation”). This project overlaps with the previous research on transnational history of Jewish-Hungarian family (Saga of Orosdy: A Family Journey in the Troubled Times, 1848-1922).

She organized conferences and seminars, as well as research projects , including “Alternative Culture Beyond Borders: Arts and Media in the Context of Globalization”(2007-2010), “Teaching Spatial Turn in Globalizing World” (2010-2011) in cooperation with Central European University (Hungary), McMaster University (Canada) and European University (Lithuania). In 2011-2012, she was a co-director of the project “Document/ary vs Post/Memory: Central European Documentary Theatre”. She also curated artistic and research based educational exhibitions. Currently she is a director of the ArtScience (Social) project “Insiders, Outsiders and Others” (in cooperation with the Independent Center for Social research, St. Petersburg, Russia).