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Petar Parvanov



  • 2023 PhD Medieval Studies, Central European University;
  • 2016 MA Interdisciplinary Medieval Studies, Central European University;
  • 2013 BA Archaeology, University of Sheffield.

Research interests: funerary and conflict archaeology, public heritage, Global Middle Ages


  • Parvanov,P. (with E. Vassileva and V. Russeva), An Ottoman-age femme fatale: archaeothanatological context for the deviant burial of a woman from site No.6 on the Haemus Highway in Bulgaria. in: Gligor, M. and Soficaru, A. (eds.) ‘Archaeology of Women. Mortuary practices and bioarchaeological reconstruction.’ Annales Universitatis Apulensis Series Historica 22:1 Alba Iulia: Editura Mega (2018), 265-278. ISSN 1453-9306
  • Parvanov, P. The mass grave from Devnya and judicial culture in medieval Bulgaria. in Vivas, M. (ed.) (Re)lecture archéologique de la justice en Europe médiévale et modern. Bordeaux: Ausonius (2019), 279-294. ISBN 9782356132437
  • Parvanov, P. LOST IN TIME? Revisiting the Szentes pendant from the British Museum. Hungarian Archaeology Vol. 9 (2020), Issue 3, pp. 27–32. ISSN 2416-0296 =Parvanov, P. ELVESZVE AZ IDŐBEN? A British Museumban őrzött Szentesi medál újraértelmezése. Magyar Régészet 9:3 (2020), 26–31. ISSN 2416-0288
  • Parvanov, P. Mortuary Proxies: Archaeological Contextualization of Medieval Legal Practices. In: Gobbit, Th. (ed.) Law, Book and Culture in the Middle Ages, Leiden: BRILL (2021), 275-295. ISSN 2352-0299, ISBN 978-90-04-44834-6 (hardback), ISBN 978-90-04-44865-0 (e-book)
  • Parvanov, P. Making a Deviant: Intentional Skeletal Dislocations in Reopened Graves from the Medieval Balkans. In: Philippe Pergola, Stefano Roascio, Elena Dellù (eds.) Sit tibi terra gravis. Sepolture anomale tra età medievale e moderna. Oxford: Archaeopress (2023), 303-315. ISBN 978-1-80327-475-1; ISBN 978-1-80327-476-8