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Simeon Simeonov


Dr. Simeon Simeonov has PhD in History from the Brown University, Department of History. His research interests are globalization; slavery and abolition; capitalism; migration; citizenship; human rights.

Some of his recent publications include:

  • “Consular Recognition, Partial Neutrality, and the Making of Atlantic Diplomacy (1776–1825),” Diplomatic History 46:1 (January 2022): 144-172;
  • “Jacksonian Consular Reform and the Forging of America’s First Global Bureaucracy,” Journal of Policy History 33:4 (October 2021): 401 – 428;
  • “Miranda in the Balkans: decadent despotism, consulship, and the making of a south-eastern revolutionary in the Age of Revolution,” Journal of Global History 16:3 (2021): 375-394;
  • “‘Insurgentes, Self-Styled Patriots’: Consuls, Privateers, Slavers, and Mariners in the Making of the Privateering Archipelago,” Journal of Global Slavery 5:3 (2020): 291-321