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Stamatia Fotiadou


Stamatia Fotiadou graduated from the Department of History and Ethnology at Democritus University of Thrace (2013). She completed her postgraduate studies in International Relations (2016) and she holds a Ph.D in Balkan History titled “The Greek, the Bulgarian newspapers and the nationalist tug of war during the Balkan Crisis (1875-1878)”. She has participated in scientific programmes carried out in Greece either as a coordinator or as a fellow researcher such as: Digital Thrace: mapping history and culture to enhance the tourist economy and Observatory for the Greek Revolution (1821).

She has given papers at international conferences and workshops in Europe and U.S.A. The following are indicatively listed:

  • “Greek vs Bulgarian national idea on the eve of the Congress of Berlin (1878)” (Basees Annual Conference 2018, Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge, UK);
  • “The Propaganda of Maps: Greek-Bulgarian Ethnographical Approaches against the Rival National Movement in the Second Half of the 19th Century” (ASEEES Summer Convention, 14-16th June 2019, Zagreb, Croatia);
  • “The Unification of Bulgaria and Eastern Rumelia and the Greek Press (1885)” (The 12th Congress of South-East European Studies, 2-6th September 2019, Bucharest, Rumania), “Revisions of the Greek Great Idea and Reinterpretations of the National Other (1878-1885)” (25th Annual World Convention of the Association for the Study of Nationalities (ASN), 6-8th May 2021, Sponsored by the Harriman Institute, Columbia University, U.S);
  • “The Graeco-Ottoman Deligiorgis and the Balkan Crisis (1875-1878): Political perceptions and interpretations in the Greek Press”, (New Historiographic Approaches in Central and Southeastern Europe, Komotini-Vienna, 8-10th April 2022);
  • “A never-ending tug of war. The Greek-Bulgarian national claims over Ottoman Macedonia and Thrace (1878-1913)” (Thirty Years after the Fall of Communism, Bulgarian Studies Conference, Library of Congress, Washington DC, June 9-10th 2022).