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Stoyanka Eneva


Stoyanka Eneva holds a PhD in Political Science from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain, a BA and MA in Social and Cultural Anthropology from the same university and a BA in Spanish Philology from Sofia University, Bulgaria. Her research interests are focused on the broad field of urban studies with special emphasis on gender, economic and racial relations and inequalities. She has collaborated in different national and international research projects such as :

  • ¨PROTO_LOCAL. New municipalism: city councils, social movements and urban politics in Spain”, funded by the Spanish Ministry of Economy (CSO 2015-68314-P);
  • ¨CONTESTED_CITIES, contested spatialities of urban neoliberalism. Dialogues between Emerging spaces of citizenship in Europe and Latin America¨, funded by the European Commission (FP7-PEOPLE-PIRSES-GA-2012-318944).

Selected publications / Presentations:

  • Eneva, S. (2022). Between hope and despair: how racism and anti-racism produce Madrid. In Picker, G. y Ha, N. (Eds). Knowing European cities. Modernity, race and colonialism, 213 – 234. Manchester University Press, Manchester;
  • “Consequences of COVID-19 and gender-based inequalities in Bulgaria”. Labour, living standards and social stratification: trends and challenges. First Annual Scientific Conference of the Institute for Social and Trade Union Studies. Sofia, 28.06.2022.
  • No escape from the neighbourhood: racism and anti-racist spaces in Madrid. IUAES Congress, Legacies and Next Generation Anthropology. Online edition, 09-14.03.2021;
  • Eneva, S. (2018) Contested identities and ethnicities on the marketplace. Sofia´s city centre between the East and the West of Europe. In González, S. (Ed.). Contested markets, contested cities: Gentrification and urban justice in retail spaces, 150-165. Routledge, London and New York.