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Svetoslava Toncheva


Svetoslava Toncheva is assistant professor at the Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Studies, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. She holds a PhD in anthropology (2012) and has specialized at Friedrich-Schiller University, Jena, Germany (Institute of Slavonic Studies) and Wageningen university (Forest and Nature Conservation), Netherlands. Her major interests are address towards the fields of religion and environment, most recently the problematic relationship between humans and nature.

Selected recent and forthcoming publications:

  • Toncheva, S. Redefining human-nature dichotomy: the voice of spiritual-ecological movements in environmentality debate. Антропология/Anthropology. Journal for Socioсultural Anthropology, forthcoming.
  • Toncheva, S. 2019. On the path of the Buddha – specifics and distribution of Buddhism in Bulgaria. – Yearbook of Balkan and Baltic Studies, Vol. 1, 91-107.
  • Toncheva, S. 2017. Inventing religion – New Spirituality and Sacred Places in Bulgaria. In: Darieva, Ts., Kahl, T., Toncheva, S. Sakralität und Mobilität im Kaukasus und Südosteuropa. Verlag der ÖAW. 157-179.
  • Toncheva, S. 2015. Out of the New Spirituality of the Twentieth Century. The Dawn of Anthroposophy, the White Brotherhood and the Unified Teaching. Frank & Timme, Berlin.
  • Тончева, С. 2015. Из новата духовност на 20-ти век. Антропософия, Бяло Братство, Единно учение. София, Парадигма.