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The project "Regional Identity Discourses in Central and Southeast Europe, 1775-1945" was initiated and administered by CAS. It was carried out by a core group of 7 junior scholars from different Central European and Balkan countries, working in various research fields, and a wider circle of over 30 contributors. Its aim was to put together an authoritative and representative collection of fundamental texts that have contributed to and/or reflected upon the formation of various narratives of regional identity. The project was administratively supervised by the Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study, while the Centre for Advanced Study in Sofia was in charge of the scholarly and logistical co-ordination and supervision of the research. The outcomes of the project are published by CEU Press (2006-2011) in the four-volume series "Discourses of Collective Identity in Central and Eastern Europe (1770-1945)" (for more details see

CAS Atelier for Biographical Research

The CAS Atelier for Biographical Research is a forum working on a monthly basis and gathering researchers from a broad range of disciplines (history, sociology, ethnology, literary theory, cultural studies) and a variety of institutes (universities, research institutes, museums) to share experience of research which is based on oral and written personal documents (auto/biographies, life stories, memoirs, diaries, etc.). The aim is to map out the field and create a research community through fostering interdisciplinary exchange, discussions on method and theory, comparisons of cases and interpretive approaches.