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Results from the 2008/2009 Fellows selection under the project “Regimes of Historicity”

At its meeting on the 10th of June 2008 the Academic Advisory Council of CAS selected the following fellows for participation in “Regimes of Historicity and Discourses of Modernity and Identity, 1900-1945, in East-central, Southeastern and Northern Europe”:

  • Camelia Craciun* (Central European University), The concept of generation in Romanian Jewish intellectual life during the Interwar Period. Debates and social-cultural representations

  • Merih Erol (Boğaziçi University, Istanbul), Modernist and Nationalist Discourses in Turkish and Greek Musicological Traditions in the first half of the twentieth century

  • František Šístek* (Institute of History, Czech Academy of Sciences), Montenegro 1900 – 1945:  Search for a New Mission

  • Marja Jalava (University of Helsinki), Individualism vs. Collectivism: Lamprechtianism in the Early 20th Century Finnish Historiography

  • Gergana Mircheva (Sofia University), “Degeneration” and “Regeneration” in Regimes of Historicity: Eugenics and Modernisation in Bulgaria, 1900-1945

  • Anna Mirkova (Sofia University), Alternative Modernities: Agrarianists and Muslim Reformers in Search of “Corporatist” National Citizenship in Bulgaria (ca. 1900-1939)

  • Valentin Sandulescu (Central European University), Time to Regenerate: Visions of the Past, Present and Future – a Look at the Intellectual Foundations and Dynamics of the Romanian Iron Guard 

* Fellows granted with a five-months fellowship.