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Results from the 2009/2010 Fellows selection under the “Regimes of Historicity”

The international Academic Advisory Council of CAS selected the
following fellows for participation in the "Regimes of Historicity"
Programme (second year: October 2009 – June 2010):

  • Dimou, Augusta (Institute for Slavic Studies, University of Leipzig, Germany)

    Cooperativism in Southeast and Central Europe in the Inter-War Period

  • Drace-Francis, Alex (Modern European History, University of Liverpool)

    Time and the Self. Life narratives and Historical Consciousness in Modern Romanian Culture

  • Ignajatovic, Alexandar (University of Belgrade, Faculty of Architecture, Department for history and theory of art and architecture)

    Byzantium Evolutionized: Constitution of Architectural History and the Construction of Serbian Identity, c. 1900-1941

  • Larsson, Simon (National Graduate School of History, University of Lund and Södertörn University)

    Modern School or Modernist Movement? The Weibullian History-writing 1911-1945

  • Mesaric, Andreja (Cultural anthropology at the Dep. of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana)

    The Role of the Woman Question in the Modernist Discourses and Identity Formation of Bosnian Muslims 1900-1945

  • Milosevic, Srdjan (University of Belgrade, Faculty of Philosophy, History Department)

    Idealizing "our peasant": from Interwar "Peasantism" to the World War II "Peasant state" (The case of Serbia/Yugoslavia)

  • Penchev, Boyko (Sofia University, Faculty of Slavonic Studies)

    Re-embedding the Individual: Modernity and Its Discontents in the Bulgarian 1960s

  • Voukov, Nikolai (Research Associate, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences)

    Conceptualizing the "Recent Past": Witness Accounts and Historiographic Discourse after Major Political Overturns in Modern Bulgaria