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Results from the two latest CAS Fellows selections

I. Independent Fellowship Program under the "Advanced Academia Project" funded by America for Bulgaria

Group 1: March to July 2010

  • Atanasov, Hristiyan (Central State Archive, Archives State Agency) "Urban life in the Balkans: Population, Social Structure, Poverty and Wealth in Ottoman Sofia, Vidin and Ruschuk (1699-1839)"
  • Chavdarova, Tanya (Department of Sociology, Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski") Small Business and Entrepreneurship: The Social Embeddedness of Economic Action (Bulgaria in the Comparative Light of Central and Eastern Europe)
  • Christov, Ivo (Department of Sociology, Sofia University "St.Kliment Ochridsky") "The Chances of Rule of Law on Contemporary Bulgaria"
  • Elenkov, Ivan (Department of History and Theory of Culture, Faculty of Philosophy, Sofia University) "Popular Culture in Bulgaria in the Era of Communism"

Group 2: October 2010 to February 2011

  • Barova, Vihra (Institute of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences) "Post-socialist Youth Subculture Identity: from dissidents to workers"
  • Bojadjiev, Tsotcho (Faculty of Philosophy, Sofia University "St.Kliment Ochridsky") "Philosophy Of Photography"
  • Dichev, Ivajlo (Faculty of Philosophy, Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridsky") "The Passions Of Belonging. The Role Of Emotions In The New Media Constellation."
  • Spassov, Orlin (Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication) "Internet Politics in Bulgaria Citizen Participation, Representation, and Democrac"

II. "Modernity and Identity" Fellowship Programme funded by the Bulgarian Fund for Scientific Research

  • Ivanov, Martin (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences) "East of Eden: The Internal Borders of the Bulgarian Modernisation"
  • Karaboeva, Emiliya (Technological University of Eindhoven/ Plovdiv University "P. Hilendarski") "Vehicles of Modernity – Metamorphoses of Identity (International Track Drivers during the Cold War)"
  • Mancheva, Mila (American College Sofia) "Experiences of Home, Belonging and Self (Identification) among Bulgarian Return Migrants"