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Selected CAS Fellows for 2023 – 2024 Academic Year

After the final session of the CAS Academic Advisory Council on the 24th of June and series of interviews conducted the following week CAS granted its fellowships for 2023/2024 to the scholars listed below:

Advanced Academia and Relevance of the Humanities Fellowships for International Scholars

  • Ho, Wai-Yip (Joint Centre of Advanced Research, University of Gōttingen / China): Confucian Muslim and Christian Relations in the Imperial China;
  • Kwon, June Hee (California State University, Cultural Anthropology / South Korea): The Social History of Fruit Farming in Cheju Korea;
  • Meeusen, Michiel (KU Leuven / Belgium): Medical Culture and Learned Society in the High Roman Empire: Knowing the Body, Curing the Mind
  • Năstăsoiu, Dragos Gh. (Independent scholar / Romania): Constructing Gender on Pilgrimage: Transformative Experiences of Women from the Eastern and Western Christian Societies in the Crusader Holy Land (1099-1291);
  • Puolakka, Kalle (University of Helsinki / Finland): Growth and Trust in the Experience of Literature. A Philosophical Defence of Literary Reading;
  • Trajanovski, Naum (Institute of Sociology, University of Warsaw / North Macedonia): The Bulgarian Political and Societal Responses to the 1963 Skopje Earthquake;
  • Smith, Blake (Independent scholar / USA): Roland Barthes and Julia Kristeva’s Personal Turn, 1975-1983.

Gerda Henkel Fellowships

  • Badem, Candan (University of Oxford, Oxford Nizami Ganjavi Centre / Turkey): The Russo-Ottoman War of 1828-29 and its Impact on the Balkans and the Caucasus;
  • Maslovskiy, Mikhail (Sociological Institute of the Federal Center of Theoretical and Applied Sociology of the Russian Academy of Sciences / Russia): Historical Sociology, International Relations and Russian Civilizational Politics;
  • Marozau, Siarhei (Independent scholar / Belarus): The Great Duchy of Lithuania (mid-13th – 18th century) in the modern Belarusian memory politics (2015–2023).

Independent Fellowships for Bulgarian Academic Diaspora

  • Ivanova, Veneta (Panteion University of Social & Political Sciences / Greece): The Unmaking of the Intellectual: A Social and Cultural History of Postsocialism in Bulgaria.
  • Milkova, Liliana (Yale University Art Gallery / USA): Museums and Higher Learning: Collection-based Teaching for the 21st-century University.

Independent Fellowships for Bulgarian Junior Scholars

  • Angelova-Elchinova, Madelaine (Sofia University, History of Philosophy Department): A Novel Defense of Thomas Reid`s Direct Realism about Perception;
  • Hristova, Tsvetelina (Independent scholar): Radical Alterities in the Global Histories of Automation;
  • Parvanov, Petar (National Archaeological Institute with Museum, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences): Battlefield Archaeology of the Ottoman Conquest: Landscape, Heritage, Memory;
  • Petrov, Victor (University of Tennessee): Star Citizens: Alternative Knowledge, Science, and the Search for Meaning in Post-Socialist Bulgaria;
  • Strahilov, Ivo (Sofia University, Department of History and Theory of Culture): Heritage Hierarchies: Unpacking the ‘Crossroads of Civilisations’ Concept.

Pforzheimer Fellowships for Bulgarian Senior Scholars

  • Metodiev, Momchil (History Department, New Bulgarian University): The Orthodox Church: A Driver of Modernization. Bulgarian Church in an European setting between the Two World Wars?
  • Panayotov, Strahil (Institute for Historical Studies, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences): Comparative and Interdisciplinary Analyses of Medical Texts Concerning Coughing of Phlegm: from the second Millennium BCE Mesopotamia, over Ashurbanipal to Hippocrates.

‘Sustaining Ukrainian Scholarship’ Program

  • Bureha, Volodymyr (Kiev Theological Academy and Seminary / Ukraine): Ukrainian Orthodoxy in the face of the challenge of war (February 2022 – August 2022).
  • Dvorkin, Ihor (The National Technical University ‘Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute’ / Ukraine): Memory of the Second World War in Contemporary Ukraine.
  • Kudriavtseva, Natalia (Kryvyi Rih State Pedagogical University / Ukraine): Switching to Ukrainian from Russian in Wartime: Linguistic Conversion in Eastern Ukraine.
  • Shatalov, Denys (Ukrainian Institute for Holocaust Studies, Dnipro / Ukraine): That war and this war: the entanglement and interaction of imagination, commemoration and memory of World War II and the ongoing war in Ukraine. Case of Kryvyi Rih.