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Working Meeting of the Negotiating Modernity Project at CAS

29- 30 March 2010
Negotiating Modernity Working Meeting, Sofia

The principal aim of the Negotiating Modernity Project is to produce a synthetic volume on the history of modern political thought in East Central Europe. The Sofia Discussion will be focused on the progress made in the following areas:

• From the multi-layered polities to modern states
• The Enlightened Public Sphere

• The question of emancipation and social reforms

• The Left
• Interwar. Political religions
• Interwar Agrarianism
• The Macedonian turn of the century and interwar political thought

Projects of state-building/second half of the 19th century:
• Reshaping of Liberalism after 1848
• Liberals and Mass Politics
• Post-1989. The ambiguous legacy of the liberal transition
• Post-1945. Marxist Revisionism
• Post-1945 issues in Macedonia
• The Estonian and broader Baltic aspects of the topics mentioned above
• The Greek case